Title - Alisia Dragoon
Original Language Title - アリシア ドラグーン
Developer - Game Arts
Catalogue No. - T-45033
Game Type - Platform Action
No. Of players - 1

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I remember being amazed at this title back in 1991 and can still say that it holds a special place in my gaming memories.  Even now in 2005 the game still manages to look good (most levels) and still sounds good but what makes this a true classic is the game play.  Game Arts did a wonderful job at recreating a mystical world feeling while playing this game. Alisa, the main character is a kind witch who has the power to fire out lightning from her hands as well as command various dragons.  Alisa’s powers and the dragons can be powered up through out the game by collecting icons but what makes this a challenge is that Alisa’s lightening isn’t ever lasting meaning that you really need to plan your movements so not to waste any of her power otherwise you’ll end up having to wait for her to regain her power.

Alisa Dragoon is a wonderful Mega Drive platform action game that EVERY Mega Drive owner should own.  A real challenge that will last you quite some time.  Also if you can get the Japanese version for it’s wonderful art work.