Title -  Quiz Scramble Special   (クイズスクランブルスペシャル)


Developer - Quick Works    Catalogue No. - G-6003


Type - Quiz



Those of you who have played the Wondermega Collection disc will know Quiz Scramble Special very well since it's the sane game that appears on the Wondermega Collection!  Probably released as a stand alone game because the original release on the Wondermega Collection was only available to those who bought a Victor branded Wondermega.

Like so many other Japanese quiz games you are presented with a problem based upon general knowledge with a selection of 4 answers to choose from.  Get the answer wrong a few times or take too long deciding and it's game over.  So, basically this is just the same as most of the other Japanese quiz games out there apart from the whacky world in which it's set.  After all, it's not very often you have a tiger or monkey asking you general knowledge questions.

Completely unplayable unless you can understand Japanese text.