Title -   Lethal Enforcers II - The Western   (リーサルエンフォーサーズII ザ・ウエスタン)


Developer - Konami    Catalogue No. - T-95034


Type - Shooting Action



Lethal Enforcers II is yet another digitized arcade game ported you the Mega Drive / Mega CD and as we all know these types of games always look bad on the Mega Drive / Mega CD due to the low 64 simutanious colours on screen at once limitation the hardware has.  In fact I won't even bother trying to make you believe that this game looks nice.  It doesn't, plain and simple.

So the game looks awful but you probably would have guessed that.  Thankfully this Mega CD port does feature all or at least most of the arcade's audio score as well as all the speech.  It also plays just like the arcade and yes, the end of level bosses are just as F*ing annoying as well.  But still, at least it's staying true to it's origin.

Playing with the controller can be a bit hit and miss to be honest.  On the plus side you can still play Lethal Enforcers II on your flat screen TV but the pad controls are awfully sensitive.  It's not impossible to play although you will need to take a few trial play thoughs just get to grips with the controls.  My recommendation is to find yourself a good old RGB CRT screen to play this game on with the Konami Justifier gun.

If you're looking for a solid enjoyable gun game for your Mega CD you can't go too far wrong with either of the Lethal Enforcers games.  Personally I prefer the 1st one but that's because I can't stand the whole cowboy thing.