Title -  Lethal Enforces   (リーサルエンフォーサーズ)


Developer - Konami    Catalogue No. - T-95014


Type - Gun Action



Back in it's day, Lethal Enforcers was quite a popular gun based game with it's flashy digitized graphics and action paced soundtrack.  The game also saw an excellent home conversion to the Super Famicom and a so so Mega Drive effort.  So just how good is this mega CD version?  Is it better than the Super Famicom release?  Well, not really if I'm honest.  You see, the main problem with the Mega Drive and Mega CD is the lack of colour which is what a digitized game really needs.  Now where as the Super Famicom version looked very nice although not as good as the arcade, this Mega CD version looks just the same as the Mega Drive version.  In other words it's a grainy looking mess.  In fact the only plus side we have in this Mega CD version is the arcade perfect soundtrack.

Fortunately, Mega CD Lethal Enforcers still plays well.  You and a friend if you so desire can either play with the control pad or Konami's own light gun going under the name of "The Justifier".  The accuracy of the gun is very good making all of those tricky shots with a pad much easier to target.  This is just as well because you wouldn't want to look at the grainy mess they call graphics for long.

Over all Lethal Enforces is a fun gun game let down by shoddy visuals.  But if you can over look them you'll find yourself a nice fun title.  It's just a shame Konami didn't make use of the CD format with a few bonus missions or extra modes of play other than the practice mode.

What's this?  A Mega CD disc that's not in colour?!