Title -  Jaguar XJ220   (ジャガーXJ220)


Developer - Core Design    Catalogue No. - T-60094


Type - Racing



Core Design really did put out some classic games back in their Mega CD days including this early title, Jaguar XJ220.  Sure, these days the car graphics look, well....... pretty rubbish but back in the day they were quite nice.  Unfortunately this is a fate that seems to have plagued all sprite based racers from that age.  Still, the game has actually aged quite well in terms of playability.  The Mega CD scaling has been put to good use for the mountains of roadside objects that go whizzing past you at high speed as well as providing some pretty believable (for this game type) big hill drops.

There are four modes of play in Jaguar XJ220 which are the Grand Prix mode in which you have to complete each course in order to win the golden cup.  The World Tour mode in which you select your favorite track from around the world to play on.  And finally the Practice mode which is self explanatory, really.  The most exciting feature in this game though is the Course Edit mode.  Within this mode you can create your very own dream race course to race on.

XJ220 is probably the best racer available for the Mega CD so make sure you add it to your collection.   Even if racing games are not your idea of fun then get it for it's soothing soundtrack!