Title -  Garou Densetsu Special   (餓狼伝説スペシャル)


Developer - Funcom    Catalogue No. - T-60214


Type - 2D Fighting Action



I'm not too sure if I prefer this version of Fatal Fury Special or the Super Famicom version to be honest.  While this Mega CD version does include the original Neo Geo audio and Ryo as a selectable player from the start unlike the Super Famicom where he's a hidden character, it does however have much less colour and from what I can tell , less animation too plus the backgrounds look barer, especially Duck Kings.  What happened to the flashing lights?  Still it's all about playability and here is where the Mega CD version manages to stay afloat.  I'm not saying that the Super Famicom version doesn't play well but just pointing out that this is where the Mega CD version can't be faulted.  All in all it's a great fighting game and probably the best for Sega's ill-fated Mega CD closely followed by Samurai Spirits (Showdown) which was also ported by JVC.