Title -   Egawa Suguru's Super League CD   (江川卓のスーパーリーグCD)


Developer - Sega    Catalogue No. - G-6019


Type - Baseball Simulation



I don't remember the original Super League CD well, it's been years since I played it but I'm sure it never started with some of the worst FMV ever seen on a Mega CD.  The video footage at the beginning of this game is so bad it makes the likes of Night Trap look like a DVD.

The game is pretty decent as far as baseball simulations go.  Different modes of play including arcade style or full on simulation.  There are also 2 leagues to choose from as well as team customization.  In fact you may even consider this as a good game if you like baseball, that is.  The only thing that really lets it down is the awful cheesy background music and the dumb CPU AI at times.  Apart from that though, Egawa Suguru's Super League CD isn't all that bad.