Title -  Earnest Evans   (アーネスト エバンス)


Developer - Wolf Team    Catalogue No. - T-32014


Type - Platformer



Ever wanted to see a guy made of loosely linked limbs blunder around as he tries to stand up?  Well if you have then this is the game for you.  While I admire Wolf Team for the idea of giving Earnest many limbs to give the effect of being more realistic, I do wish that they tested the idea a bit more.  As a result of Earnest's "Flexibility" you end up getting stuck in small places or having Earnest on the floor as you desperately try to get him to stand up.  Lot's of nice rotation effect in this game but they don't use the Mega CD's hardware since the Mega Drive cart version is just the same.  The only thing the CD version has over the cart are the anime intros and CD soundtrack.