Title -   3D Golf Simulation Dynamic Country Club

  (3D Golf Simulation ダイナミックカントリークラブ)


Developer - Sega    Catalogue No. - G-6017


Type - Golf Simulation



I was pretty excited about this one when I saw it in the shop, with the cover saying "3D Golf Simulation" I thought I'd be in for a treat with some Mega CD scaling effect.  Oh, was I wrong !  True that the game is viewed in a 3D position but the screen doesn't move, it's just a still that changes as the ball lands.  This is nothing more than what a standard Mega Drive can do.  Well apart from the CD audio, speech and FMV intro.  If you like golf games then this maybe ok but for me it's another one for the collection that's never going to come out of the box again along with the horse racing game Winning Post and Super League Baseball.