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Manga Souko or Comic Warehouse in English is probably best described as an Aladdin's cave for all retro gamers.  I have actually known about this place for about 2 years but only recently ever entered the building.  Needless to say I was completely beside myself with the amount of stuff they have in this place.  Not only do they sell games but also comics, audio and video, electrics and clothes as well as having a FREE retro arcade on the 2nd floor.  Sit back and enjoy this feature on this magnificent place !  But just before you do I must apologies for the quality of some of the pictures featured in this article.  They were all taken with my phone under cover thanks to the "No photography" rule enforced in many Japanese stores.















One of the first things you see when you enter Manga Souko's games section is the massive selection of retro hardware and accessories.  They have everything here from Sega SG1000 systems all the way up to Dreamcast R7 limited edition systems.  Prices can be a bit steep on the hardware unfortunately but they are normally in excellent condition.  In the picture to the right you can see such classic hardware as the Neo Geo, Neo CD, Mega Drive, PC-FX, MSX, 3DO and much more.
Most of the bigger accessories to all systems are placed here on the accessories wall.  The day I took these pictures was actually a pretty lacking day in the accessories section.  Normally there's twice as much as this.  If you look carefully to the left you can see a few N64 units and to the bottom right corner a Saturn Arcade stick which is actually the best stick for the Saturn since it's based on the Sega made Astro City arcade cabinets.  You can also see a set of those crappy PlayStation twin sticks that only work on one game as far as I know.
Super Famicom accessories galore here from control pads, multitaps and AV cables to re-writable RAM cartridges and Super Gameboys

Ever needed an extra Famicom pad?  no problem finding one here.  Standard pads plus some nice Hori pads with loads of special features.

In a place like Manga Souko you'd expect only to find common items.  In fact that's farther from the true than imaginable.  At Manga Souko you can find allsorts of limited edition consoles
The MSX was quite popular in Japan as well as having some success in Europe.  Here we can see a Sony MSX below and a very nice Panasonic MSX to the right with a floppy Disc Drive.

 as well as some very rare games.  The picture to the left shows you some not so common Sega Saturn and Dreamcast hardware.  The top Saturn is a Victor (JVC) V-Saturn while the one below that is a Hitachi Hi-Saturn.  Next to that you can see the Dreamcast R7 console with a Dream Karaoke under it.

Ever fancied owning a Famicom or maybe even a Sharp Famicom Twin?  No problem !  Here you can even choose between which version of the Famicom Twin you'd like, red or black.  One of these is actually quite rare but which one I can't remember.  I recall hearing that the red unit is the uncommon one though.  Strange thing is that both the black and red units are the same price at Manga Shouko.
In the west the only way to get items from company campaigns is via Ebay or if you are lucky enough through Yahoo auctions Japan but not if you live in Japan near a Manga Shouko.  On the top shelf of this GameBoy glass case you can see both Mario and Luigi Game Cube controllers as well as the Famicom edition of the GameBoy SP.  There's even some Pokemon Center Pokemon GameBoys as well as other special editions such as the Gold Zelda model.  Needless to say that some of these GameBoys are quite expensive but still, it's very impressive to see them all together in one place for sale.
I always find this scene so funny.  To the left there is probably the most failed console ever in Japan apart from the 3DO (or did that do better?) the XBOX.  To be fair though, there are quite a few nice packs there.  And to the right we have the Super Famicom, one of Japans most successful consoles not only in it's home territory but also in the States (Mega Drive was more popular in Europe)
Well, we've taken a look at some of the hardware on offer at Manga Souko so now let's take a look at the software.


If you are ever in need of an extra control pad or two or even ten !  then Manga Souko will have just what you are looking for.  Not only are there control pads for almost every system but also many other odd accessories as well such as cables, power supplies, memory cards and so on.