The Treamcast as if you hadn't noticed is a Dreamcast with built in LCD monitor.  Trust those Chinese to put this together.  The original Treamcast only had a standard monitor but this new version comes with a lovely widescreen LCD.

The set comes in a well made carry case that also has pockets for games.  Accessories include an official US Dreamcast pad that wasn't even new ! Cigarette power cable for playing the Treamcast in your car, AC adaptor, 2 Meg memory card with built in game Shark codes and a CDR titled DCAR 2 in 1 Action Replay which is just a CDR copy of Datel's Action Replay / Game Shark !!  Talk about full on piracy !


When the Treamcast is closed over it really does look odd and dare I say, ugly !  I don't see why they couldn't have shaved of a centimeter on each side of the screen to make it more flush with the actual unit.


The casing of the machine is made from good old cheap Chinese shit meaning it feels cheap compared to a real Dreamcast but at least it is still solid.  There are a few gaps between the LCD and the actual Dreamcast where the casing doesn't sit flush with the monitor but what do you expect from a pirate product?


Built in to the system are a set of Stereo speakers which are actually quite loud and also produce a decent stereo effect.  Thankfully there's a volume control on the side of the machine and also a headphone jack for private gaming.

Around the back of the system we can see the normal AV and Serial outs which isn't surprising considering that the insides of the Treamcast are in fact real Dreamcast parts.  The power socket however is completely different looking more like something you'd find on a hand held console.  There's also an on / off switch which is used to switch the LCD monitor on or off.

To the right you can see the Treamcast's PSU.  To my surprise this is very light unlike the Treamcast which is actually very heavy.  Inside the PSU is a little fan that spins once the Treamcast is switched on.  I sure as hell hope that the fan doesn't die otherwise I can see this PSU becoming very hot.


To the right you can see the right hand side of the Treamcast which features the systems volume control for the internal speakers and the modem port.  Yes, the Treamcast can be connected to the net using any of the official Dreamcast modems.  The system doesn't come with one however, just a cover which I've removed for this shot.  Actually when you do connect the modem to the Treamcast it doesn't really fit that well leaving it sticking out a bit.  It still works fine however so it's not too much of a problem.


You can also just make out the headphone jack at the front of the system next to the 4th controller port.  This actually gives out some pretty good sound which was surprising.

I'm not really too impressed with the built in monitor to be honest.  Yeah it's wide screen but the quality of the picture is not very good.  Not only is there blurring but the actual image seems to be covered in a nasty interference of some kind.  The colours also look washed out.  Maybe it's just this particular Treamcast that's not working correctly but I doubt it.  Still, at least I can play shooters in tate mode now without having to tilt my expensive 17" TFT on it's side all the time (^-^)

So, is the Treamcast worth getting?  Well if you want to play your Dreamcast on the go and have the spare cash then yes.  It's a very nice system since it will play ALL region games including PAL only titles.  It gives a perfect RGB out put to a normal TV (NTSC only) plus you can run the LCD monitor and regular TV at the same time.  I'm not too sure why you'd want to however but at least it can be done.  It's just a shame that the LCD monitor it comes with is shit.  I'll probably gut mine and replace it with a nice TFT monitor.