If you've never played Samba De Amigo with the maracas then you've never played Samba De Amigo full stop!    Arcade or Dreamcast are the only ways to play Samba De Amigo the way it was originally developed for.  The Wii version while looking better than the original plays nothing like it due to the Wii remotes not being able to sense height.  This is something that the arcade and Dreamcast maracas can do really well.  Read on to see why.


Within the extra long box shown above we have all you need to enjoy the arcade experience in your very own home.  First and probably the most expensive part of the kit is this base sensor unit shown below.  This base unit is about 80cm in length and quite heavy due to it's metal base and so it should be.  You don't want it sliding off somewhere.  It connects to the Dreamcast via the player 1 control port.



Next are the maracas.  These actually sound like real maracas thanks to the beads inside of them however they're far more technical.  Each maraca has a start button used to confirm options etc.  Near the base of each maraca is the sensor.  This tells the Dreamcast how far up the maracas are from the base unit.  From judging this distance the Dreamcast can work out where about you are holding the maracas and translate this to the game.



Below you can see what the set up looks like once complete.  The foot mat is just your typical vinyl mat and not really necessary unless you can't figure out where you are meant to stand in relation to the base sensor unit.  Mind you, the mat is a cool mini replica of the arcade's floor mat.

One thing you should watch out for are the so called official maraca sets that are actually cheap Chinese crap.  The boxes look pretty close to the original but lacking the official Dreamcast logo.  Needless to say that the quality of these fake maracas is nowhere near as good as the official Sega made maracas.