Yet again the Dreamcast was the first with the goods (Dreameye Vs Eye Toy) and yet again it wasn't used to it's full potential.  The Dreameye is the Dreamcast's very own web cam and digital camera that was released in Japan only.  There are actually two different versions of this system.  There's the version you can see here with the colourful box art and another that had a gray outline sketch of the Dreameye unit.  The Dreameye can still be used even today with the provided software.  The quality is quite good too for such a cheap item.  I'm also pretty sure that it's possible to get the video chat part of the software to work outside of Japan too.  If not then you could always use it as a digital camera.

This is the main unit of the Dreameye.  The piece covering the lens is removable which may explain why some pictures of the Dreameye have a Dreamcast type swirl around the lens.  Sadly mine is just plain black.

To the left side of the Dreameye is the battery connectors and on the right is a memory flash switch and connection socket to connect it to the Dreamcast.  The top of the Dreameye is home to the shutter button while the back has a few flashy LEDs located near the viewfinder.  These tell you the various states that the camera is in along with some beeping sounds.

This memory card looking device is the mic input device. It plugs in to the Dreamcast's controller while the mic's lead plugs in to the other end.  Seaman and Gangan Kids come with the exact same connectors apart from they're not blue.
What can be said about this?  Well it takes four AAA size batteries and connects to the side of the Dreameye to make it in to a digital camera.  That's about it really.
Ever felt a little stupid using the Seaman mic device?  Well now you can look like a Mc Donald's drive through attendant with the Dreameye mic head set ^v^  This is in fact much nicer than using the Seaman type mic since your hands are now free to do what ever.
This is the magic cable that connects the Dreameye to the Dreamcast.  Sort of like a USB socket at one end with a standard DC controller socket on the other.
So what does the Dreameye look like once everything is connected?  take a look below to find out.  Sorry about the quality of the picture.  I sort of cocked it up on PhotoShop.  I knew it was a bad idea to do it at 5am. -_-;