Here it is, one of the harder to find Dreamcast controllers.  The Densha De Go ! Controller.  These things mustn't have been made in great numbers or just that Dreamcast owners don't want to give them up because they are so hard to come by.  All other controllers are relatively easy to find compared to this.  By all other controllers I also mean stuff like the Pop'n Music board, Samba De Amigo maracas and that Ascii FT Stick.

The Dreamcast Densha De Go ! controller is by far the most beautiful of all the Densha De Go ! controllers.  It's the white that makes it look so nice.  The build quality is quite good.  The gear stick to the left is spring loaded so that it can jump from position 5 to off with the slightest touch.  The brake part to the right also feels very nice with good chunky clunks as you move it in to position.

The circular gap in the center of the controller isn't a cup holder as my wife though it was (^o^) but in fact a place to put your stop watch.  This is exactly what real Japanese train drivers do.  The analogue stop watch sits in front of the driver so that he can keep good track of time.  This is probably why trains in Japan come on time 90% of the time.  I don't mean 1 minute earlier or later either.  I mean right on time.