This is one hell of a monster stick !  Not only is it big but also very sleek looking.  The ASCII Mission Stick for the Dreamcast was designed with flight simulators in mind such as CRI's Aero Dancing series.  The stick on the right is fully analogue with three buttons labeled 1,2,3.  This stick is pretty sensitive making it quite difficult to use at first but give it time before you start to complain about it.  After a good hour or so you'll not want to play Aero Dancing without it.  To the left of the stick you can see another mushroom looking thing.  This isn't actually a stick but two analogue buttons.  The mushroom shaped mold that they rest in feels very comfortable indeed on the hand but I wonder how it will feel to those with big hands.  As well as the new extra buttons the stick features the standard A,B,X,Y buttons plus a digital pad and start button..  The bottom picture on this page gives a clear view of the sticks "dip" switches.  These allow the buttons on the right joystick to be configured to any of the normal Dreamcast buttons plus rapid fire options.  This is a great idea since the buttons can be configured to work even on games that were not designed for this stick.

Over all the ASCII Mission stick for Dreamcast is a very nice solid product with a good weight to it but be warned that it will take you a while to become accustom to using it.