The Dreamcast Arcade Stick by Sega is well built with Japanese Arcade style joystick fully micro switched.  It's just a shame that the buttons aren't micro switched too. Don't let that put you off though.  They are still very responsive and feel great.  There's even a VMU slot but take this bit of advice in to consideration.  What ever you do, DON'T put a Nexus 4MBIT or any other unofficial VMU in to this stick's slot because you'll have a hell of a job getting them back out !!  I'd use only official Sega VMUs if I were you.  The Arcade Joystick is fitted with a steel plate at the bottom to give it a bit of weight which gives it that quality feel.  There are also 4 sponge pads on the bottom that prevent the stick from sliding when you have it on a table top.  If you're really in to your games then you should pick yourself up one of these quality sticks.  You won't be disappointed !!.