The Japanese love Pachinko, a gamer that has you sitting in a very noisy parlour flicking small steel blabbering balls up what is best described as a stand up pinball machine.  The idea is quite simple really.  Just like in pinball the goal of the game it to hit as many targets and trigger as many "events" as possible.  In Pachinko this will reward you with many small steel blabbering balls which you can weigh in at the service counter for a cash prize.

Now, I can see the attraction of real life Pachinko but a simulation?  The Japanese seems to find some sort of attraction though since there are 100's of console pachinko games.  The Saturn was home to many which is were this Sankyo controller comes in very handy.  Sankyo, being a Pachinko games maker have done a good job of bringing the control system to the home.  While this Saturn controller is one of the cheaper ones it still gives you accurate control over the speed f your balls just like the real thing.  How does it work?  Quite simple really.  You turn the light blue analogue dial in order to how much force you want the balls to shoot out of the pachinko machine.  That's it really.  No fancy buttons or movements needed.

To be completely honest, while this controller dose the job well, it doesn't feel that smooth.  You can feel the springs inside giving the dial tension.  This wouldn't be so bad if he tension was smooth but it isn't.  Maybe mine is damaged?  I doubt it though since it's brand new.