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This wonderful little box is the XMD-3 from Micomsoft but what does it do?  Well, anyone who has ever played a Mega Drive via composite video (the yellow, white and red plugs) will know that the picture quality is last.  Now the Mega Drive does output RGB so lucky people in the west can buy scart cables to run their Mega Drives in RGB but not in Japan.  The XMD-3 converts the Mega Drive's signal in to pure analogue RGB so that you can get the best possible image from your Mega Drive.  This particular model is for the Mega Drive 2 only.

From the top the XMD-3 doesn't look too flashy. The cable coming from the box plugs directly in to the Mega Drive 2.

Around to the right of the box we have the 8 pin DIN to scart output and a 15 pin analogue RGB output for connecting the Mega Drive to monitors that are capable of displaying a 15kHz single.

At the bottom of the box there's a switch that says TOWNS on it.  I can only presume this is used if you wish to connect the Mega Drive to a FM Towns monitor.

Below I've scanned a few of the different ways this box can connect the Mega Drive 2 to a display.  I'm sure someone out there will find these interesting.