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Back before Sega took the lead in quality light gun games, Konami were the ones to watch.  Lethal Enforcers was their smash arcade hit that has been ported to more home consoles than any other light gun game to date.

The original ports or Lethal Enforces required the use of the Konami gun, The Justifier.  Coming in blue for player 1 or pink for player 2, these home console guns are perfect copies of their big arcade brother counterparts.  Yes, even the arcade machines had girly colours.

Unlike typical light guns, The Justifier only used one of the consoles control ports.  The 2nd players gun would connect to the base of player 1's gun via a standard telephone wall socket jack.  I guess Konami couldn't be bothered designing a new type of connection port.

Below you can see the common player 1 gun that came bundled with either Lethal Enforces 1 or Lethal Enforces II.  The gun could also be bought separately however that version is quite hard to fine but not as hard as the 2nd player's pink gun.  Those are very rare to locate for the Mega Drive / Mega CD and even the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo.