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People say that the 32X or Super 32X as it was called in Japan was the cause of the Saturn's poor reception by the public.  Well, this may be true but you may not know that the 32X did far worse in Japan than it did in Europe.  In fact it did so bad that only 18 games were ever released for it.  Then we have the Saturn that did very well in Japan with over 1200 titles being released.  Could the success of the Saturn in Japan be due to Sega's lack of support for the Super 32X?  Probably not to be honest but it is interesting to see how this was a complete flop in Japan yet the Saturn did very well when in Europe the 32X was not very popular however neither was the Saturn.

As you can see, the Super 32X's box design is far more stylish than the western types as is the logo.  Unfortunately I can't show you the actual hardware as my box is sealed and that's how it's staying.  At least you can look at the lovely box art.