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The Sega Segatap really should be under Mega Drive Hardware but since I don't own any Mega Drive Hardware I'm sticking it under the Wondermega section since it works on that fine.

The Segatap in case you can't work out is an adaptor to allow four controllers to be connected to one control port on the Mega Drive / Wondermega.  Probably the best game to make use of this is Mega Bomberman.  E.A. being major arse holes made their multiplayer games incompatible with the Sega made Segatap meaning that you had to go out and but theirs !  I really do hate E.A. !!  Anyway, as you can see, the Segatap is very sleek looking and comes with a sheet of stickers to identify which player you actually are just incase you're an E.A. fan and can't see further than your nose (^o^)