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The Mega Jet was originally designed for use as an in-flight entertainment device for use on Japanese Airlines.  The idea was that you'd get the unit from the cabin attendant along with a selection of normal Mega Drive cartridges then connect it to the monitor in the back of the seat in front of you.  For some reason though, Sega decided to make a small run of commercially available machines for sale in Japanese game stores.  You could say it's the Japanese equivalent to the US Nomad minus the screen.  I know one thing, it sure as hell looks more pretty and feels nicer to hold.


The top of the machine is home to the cartridge port that will accept any game that the standard Japanese Mega Drive will.  Also at the top you'll find the AC power input jack and Audio & Video output.


With the Mega Jet only having one set of controls for player one you'll have to connect a standard Mega Drive controller to the base of the unit if you want some two player action.  Actually I found this really awkward due to the cable from player two's controller pulling against my wrist all the time.  Not the greatest of places to put a second controller input I think.

Also at the base of the unit you'll find the volume control for the earphone jack that's to the right of it.

Around the back of the system is where you'd expect to find the battery compartment on a portable machine but not on the Mega Jet.  I guess since it requires a TV for play, Sega thought making it battery operated was a bit pointless.  Don't forget that back in 1990 people didn't have LCD screens in their cars and so on.  So it sort of makes sense making it AC power only considering you'd most likely be using this system indoors.

Finally we have the power on / off switch which is located in what you'd thing was a very silly and inconvenient place along the left side of the system.  Right were you're hand would rest while playing.  The crazy thing is though you don't really notice it's there.  I've yet to accidentally switch off my Mega Jet while playing.