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The Japanese Mega Drive 2 was released on the 23rd April 1993 all it's flashy Sonic the Hedgehog style packing.  The Mega Drive 2 is lacking quite a few features that the original had such as a volume control, headphone jack, modem port and power LED.  The actual video & audio out socket has been changed from the old style 8pin DIN plug to the newer mini DIM plug.

The back of the box shows that the Mega Drive 2 can be connected to the Mega CD 1 but what it doesn't tell you is that the metal shield that comes with the Mega CD 1 won't fit the Mega Drive 2 plus the Mega Drive 2 also doesn't fit perfectly flush on the system due to a foot rest being in the center of the Mega Drive 2

And here is the actual hardware.  It does look quite small and I guess it is compared to the original but to be honest it does feel and look cheap to me.  I prefer the original version any day.  And what's with the red cartridge door flaps?

At least the Mega Drive 2 comes complete with 1 six button pad.