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This is the official Japanese Sega Mega Drive which is not to be mistaken for the more commonly found Asian Mega Drive which was for sale in Japan, Taiwan and The Philippines.  This Japanese Mega Drive was for sale in Japan only.  The box features the same art on both sides with no English information unlike the Asian version which features pictures of the Mega CD on the back as well as English text telling you about the hardware.  The Japanese Mega Drive box also has a carry handle that you can see at the top.

Below you can see the actual hardware.  Both this and the Asian models look identical on the out side but I have no idea about the insides since I'm too lazy to open them up.

Quite a rare sight these days.  To the left you can see the official Japanese Mega Drive instructions still contained in the original plastic sleeve as well as the registration card.  I took this picture today (November 28th 2005) which is around 15 years after this machine was made.

The Japanese Mega Drive comes with one three button controller, Power Supply Unit (PSU) and one mono A/V Cable which gives a really poor picture quality thanks to the Mega Drives nasty composite video out.  I seriously recommend getting a RGB cable if you want to see your Mega Drive looking nice.