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This page is only here to inform you about the commonly mistaken Asian Mega Drive.  May a time have I seen these units for sale on the net claiming to be Japanese consoles.  Well in a way that's true but these are actually Asian Mega Drives that were on sale throughout Japan, Taiwan and The Philippines.  The Actual hardware is the same but the controller is different.  The official Japanese Mega Drive controller had the A, B and C buttons marked in red while on this model the buttons are left black.  Also on the Japanese controller it says the word TRIGGER above the buttons while on the Asian controller is says A, B & C and TRIGGER below them.

The actual box is quite different from the Japanese version as well.  It actually does say ASIAN VERSION on the front of the box.  Round the back there's information in Japanese and English about the Mega Drive's accessories.

The Asian Mega Drive comes with one three button controller, Power Supply Unit (PSU) and one mono A/V Cable which gives a really poor picture quality thanks to the Mega Drives nasty composite video out.  I seriously recommend getting a RGB cable if you want to see your Mega Drive looking nice.