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The Mega CD 2 hit the Japanese stores on 23rd April 1993 to go along with the Mega Drive 2.  While the unit looks much cheaper than the original Mega CD it doesn't feel that cheap.  The casing is sold and comes in a very sleek 2 tone gray which is hard to see on the above picture but quite noticeable on the images near the bottom of this page.  The motorized front try has now been replaced with the much cheaper and probably more reliable flip lid.  The access lights are also missing which is a shame.  All that's left is the power on light.

Below you can see the front and back images of the original Japanese box for the Mega CD 2.  As you can see it looks very much like the Japanese Sonic box designs.

The Mega CD2 like the normal Mega CD is compatible with both the Mega Drive 1 & 2.  Personally I thing that the Mega Drive 1 actually looks better sitting next to the Mega CD 2 than the Mega Drive 2 does.  To me that combination looks fat and ugly.  I can imagine that I'm in the minority with that thought though.

If you look at the Mega Drive 1 & Mega CD 2 combo you'll notice that the Mega CD 2 looks longer.  Well you're right !  It comes with an extension plate shown below just so you can attach your Mega Drive 1 to it without it looking stupid.  The plate is connected to the Mega CD 2 via a metal clip that fits on to the bottom.  There's also the metal interference shield provided but since that's basically just the same as the Mega CD 1's shield I'll leave it out.  The back of the Mega CD 2 is also the same as the Mega CD 1 so that's why there are no images shown here.