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As you can see, the Japanese Master System box is pretty much just like the European box and probably like the US box too (never actually saw a US box) apart from the Japanese text on it.

The actual machine at first glance also looks just like the western model but look a little closer and you'll notice it's different.  The top left button is a rapid fire switch on this model where on the western model it's a reset button which I always thought was a dumb idea.  may a time I'd got to pause the machine and hit reset by mistake.  Down at the front of the machine next to the card slot you can see the 3D glasses input.  On the western system the 3D glasses plugged in to an adapter than fitted in to the card slot.  At the rear of the system there are only two ports.  One being the power in and the other being an old style DIN socket for the Audio and Video out.  No R.F. out on this machine !!

The Master System comes with a PSU and AV cables of course and two control pads that are unlike any I've seen released in the UK when I owned a Master System for the first time in 1988.  These Japanese pads have little screw holes in the center that allow you to screw in little joysticks.  These actually work quite well to my surprise.

A few of the board members over at ASSEMbler Games say that their American Master Systems came with pads like these Japanese ones minus the joystick while others say that their pads were like the British ones without any screw holes or caps covering screw holes.  So the origin or to what continent these pads were available too is a bit of a mystery.  All I can say is that out of the many Master Systems I saw in the UK, not one had pads likes these.