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Above you can see the Sega Mark 3 system with it's gleaming white casing.  On the top of the machine you can see a Card Slot for card games and the big black looking thing is the lid to the cartridge port.  Oh, and not to forget the yellow pause button.

Below you can see the front and back view of the system.  The front offers two control ports that work with not only Sega Mark III controllers but also Master System ones (basically the Master System and Mark III are the same inside) and surprisingly 3 button Mega Drive pads also work.  To the right there is a small compartment that's covered with a plastic flap.  More on that further down.  Around the back of the machine we can see it's AV out put (Same as the Mega Drives) along with a RF Module and Channel switch, PSU in and the Power On / Off is also around the back which is odd.

Below the Sega Mark III in all it's glory with Cartridge and Card games connected.


The Picture above shows the Mark III's expansion port which I believe can be used to add a Keyboard, drawing pad and other items to the system.