Title -  Head Hunter   (へード ハンター)


Maker - Amuze   Catalogue No. - MK-51041-50


Type - Action Adventure




Head Hunter was a PAL only release for the Dreamcast and I wonder why?  It's such a great game.  True it has a few bugs here and there but nothing that stops you from enjoying the game.  You take the role of Jake Wade (a Head Hunter) who must find out about his life after suffering amnesia.  Jake is part of the ACN private police force that specializes in taking out the major bad guys of the city.  While solving puzzles, shooting the crap out of bad guys and driving around the city on his motorbike, Jake must also find out more about his past and what caused him to loose his memory.  If you can find a copy of Head Hunter then I seriously recommend that you pick it up.  I was lucky enough to get this brand new factory sealed copy from a friend in the UK.  This surprised me quite a bit since the game was released in 2001 near the end of the Dreamcast's UK life and this copy was found in October 2003.  At least the Japanese Dreamcast life is still going.