Title -  Super Magnetic Niuniu  (スパーマグネチックニュウニュウ)

Maker - Genki


Type - 3D Platform Action



Super Magnetic Niuniu or Super Magnetic Neo as it's called out side of Japan really got a hard time when it came to it's reviews.  I can say that the game isn't half as bad as some of the reviews I've seen written about it but it does suffer from one big problem and that it it's difficulty level setting.  The game is quite easy and fun for the first few world then suddenly it becomes rock hard making the game tedious and annoying.  If it wasn't for this fact I'd rank Super Magnetic Niuniu as one of the better DC platformer out there, but sadly the level setting is a real pain.  Grab this one if you can find it cheap, otherwise stay clear of it.