Title -  Spirit Of Speed 1937  (スピリット オブ スピード1937)


Maker - Broadsword    Catalogue No. - T-8102M


Type - Classic Racing



What a load of crap this game is.  The controls are bloody awful and the frame rate is slow and it even takes bloody ages to load !!!  Now there are 2 reasons for this game being total shit.  1. Broadsword (the makers) are a bunch of untalented coders or 2. It's crap because it uses Windows CE.  Now number 2 could be an option because every action game made under Windows CE on the DC is below par.  Taito released this game in Japan but why?  They surly couldn't have made money on it?  The only reason I picked it up was because it was so cheap and had a limited print run.