Title -  Silent Scope  (サイレント スコープ)

Maker - Konami   Catalogue No. - T-9513M


Type - Sniper Action



Arcade perfect with only one flaw and it's a BIG flaw !!! This is a sniper simulation game, right?  And what does a sniper use?  Yes, that's right, a gun. What did Konami do with the home conversion?  That's right, not make it compatible with a gun !!! The stupid sods !!!  How on earth could they conceder releasing a gun arcade game to the home systems and not making it gun compatible????  It just doesn't make sense.  With the DC gun it could have been a great game using the gun's D-Pad to move the cursor or even by just moving the gun across the screen and using the D-Pad to zoom in and out.  Yet again Konami take the piss out of Dreamcast owners.  Well at least the PS2 version isn't gun compatible too.