Title -  Shenmue 2  (シェンムー )


Maker - Sega (AM2 of CRI)


Type - FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment)



The best game ever just got better !!  Shenmue 2 continues the adventures of Ryo in the search of his fathers killer.  Leaving Japan at the end of Shenmue Chapter one, part two continues just as Ryo arrives in Hong Kong.  The graphics in Shenmue 2 are far more detailed than the 1st game.  There are more characters on screen at one.  There is more interaction with the surrounding areas.  Not only that but the areas are much wider now too !!  Take Ryo on his journey through Hong Kong meeting new people, friends and enemies and help him continue to the rocky mountains of China.  Shenmue 2 is defiantly the BEST GAME available on any System on it's release in 2001 and still is the best game now in July 2003


The Japanese release of Shenmue 2 came with the above two discs.  Virtua Fighter 4 Passport is used to visit the Japanese VF4 online site and add you own personal data from the game.  The Virtua Fighter History/VF4 disc is far more interesting and features movies of prototype Virtua Fighter games and graphic demos plus the Soundtracks to VF1, VF2, VF3 and VF Kids.  Oh and not to forget all the art work.