Title -  Samba De Amigo  (サンバでアミーゴ)


Maker - Sega (Sonic Team)


Type - Rhythm Game



Sega's attempt to jump on to the rhythm game band wagon and what a great attempt too !!  Original enough not to be called a copy from any of Konami's games (Unlike Namco and Jaleco) Samba De Amigo has you shaking your maracas to the dance remixes of some great tunes.  The Dreamcast version features many hidden music tracks too from older Sega games.  The Japanese release of Samba De Amigo is missing a Ricky Martian track that's featured in the US version but that was soon fixed by Sega with Samba De Amigo Ver : 2000 that featured the missing Ricky Martian track plus many other new tracks.