Title -  Super Speed Racing   (スーパースピード・レーシング)


Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - HDR-0013


Type - Racing



Now let's be honest here.  American motor sports are boring as we all know so how on earth can a game based on one of them be any good?  Well, the truth is, it can't.  Super Speed racing is so dull you'll actually be lucky to finish a few circuits.  The main problem with this game is that everything looks so bland.  We can't really blame the programmers though since this sport in real life looks bland.  Another aspect that leads to the boredom that this game offers are the courses.  Many of them are just ovals or really poor street courses.  Again the real sport is just the same so.......

If you want a racing game that isn't rally based or street racing based then get Video Systems F1 World Grand Prix II over this .