Title -  Super Runabout San Francisco Edition

   (スーパーランナバウト〜サンフランシスコ エディション〜)


Maker - Climax Entertainment   Catalogue No. - T-22102M


Type - Driving Action



This is actually a major bug fix of the original release.  In this version you are now able to skip all cut scenes were as in the original Japanese release you had to sit though the bloody things time after time again.  Controls are tighter in this version plus there are loads of graphical changes for the better.  No extra missions or cars mind you.  I heard that this is the same version of Super Runabout that was released in the west, so if you have that then there's no real point in owning this version.  However if you only own the first Japanese release, you may want to consider checking out this more complete 2nd release.