Title -  Space Channel 5 MIL-CD   (スペースチャンネル5 MIL−CD)


Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - Unknown


Type - Music Video



MIL-CD's are Japanese exclusive discs and very rare to find as many Dreamcast collectors know but for those who don't know what a MIL-CD is, let me explain.  Basically a MIL-CD is a standard audio CD that contains video data or other data that can be read via a Dreamcast.  Basically it was Sega's answer to the aging CD+G format.  And it was a very good idea for a format.  High quality full screen music videos, high level graphics (for it's time in 1999) and CD quality audio.  Unfortunately only a handful of releases ever made the MIL-CD format including this special promotional Space Channel 5 disc.

The disc features 2 mixes of the main theme used in Space Channel 5, the Mexican Flyer.  These can be listened to in any audio CD player.  However, place the disc in to a Dreamcast and you'll be presented with 2 music videos featuring Ulala dancing around.  You can see them over in the Dreamcast Movie Vault.

Not all Dreamcasts can play MIL-CDs though.  The reason for this is because of the security hole MIL-CD compatible Dreamcasts have.  This security hole will allow the system to boot CD-R discs or in other words, pirate games.  It's said that the later models of Dreamcast sold in the states and Europe were mostly effected by this MIL-CD support being removed.  As far as I'm aware on the Japanese front only the Sakura Taisen limited edition Dreamcast can not play MIL-CDs.