Title -  Shinkisekai Evolution 2   (神機世界 エヴォリューション2 〜遠い約束〜)


Maker - ESP / Sting   Catalogue No. - T-38703M


Type - RPG



As with the first game you play as Mag whose best friend is Linear, a shy girl with charm.  The game centers on very small town called Museville. The detail and the vibrant color of the game shine bright here like no other place in the game. The layout and view makes for the homey feeling that most people will like.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds in Evolution 2. The introduction music, town music, and battle music are all great scores. I like how every area has its distinct looping music. This really adds to the uniqueness of these areas.

Easy-going is the best way to describe the setup in Evolution 2. Your characters move precisely thanks to the support of the Dreamcast's analog stick. And fighting battles has never been so clear to understand. When you go into a battle it's really easy to see what's what.