Title -  Sengoku Turb - Fanfan I Love me Dunce doublentendre  

(戦国TURB Fanfan I Love me Dunce doublentendre)


Maker - NEC   Catalogue No. - T-38805M


Type - Omnibus / Variety



Not only does this 2nd Sengoku Turb game have one of the most absurd titles ever but it's also one of the most odd games to be released on the Dreamcast.  It's best to think this title as a selection of mini games rather than one main game.  Just like in the original Sengoku Turb you have the same looking RPG sections as well as different story lines for a selection of characters that populate the Sengoku Turb world.  Unfortunately the camera angles offered in this mode are truly awful.  Either the camera is too close to your character, too far up which limits your view or just too far back.  Other mini games include a 3D shooter and 3D Racing games, one of which has a striking resemblance to the awful Zusar Vasar!

Overall this is an interesting package featuring 16 different "games".  So if you're after something a little different for your Dreamcast then maybe you will want to pick this up.