Title -  Super Robot Taisen Alpha for Dreamcast   (スーパーロボット対戦α for Dreamcast)


Maker - Banpresto   Catalogue No. - T-20602M


Type - Simulation RPG



Those Super Deformed robots from Gundam, Gunbuster, Evangelion, Mazinger Z and so on are back to battle it out in this only Dreamcast Robot Taisen game.  The main idea is the same as always, place your players on the grid then battle it out.  Looks pretty nice plus has some impressive polygon models.  Unfortunately for most people the game is packed full of Japanese text making it quite difficult to play or at least understand.  Loading times within the battles are a bit annoying as well when you consider there isn't exactly much there to load.

Worth picking up if you are a fan of the series otherwise leave it well alone.