Title -  Super Hero Retsuden   (スーパーヒーロー列伝)


Maker - Banpresto   Catalogue No. - T-20601M


Type - Action Adventure



Very odd and actually quite entertaining title this one.  Based on those masked hero type shows that they have in Japan, Super Hero Retsuden is a real-time action adventure.  This game is just packed to the brim with cheap nasty 70's style music, images and plot that make it so appealing.  Even the intro is as cheesy as hell !

The game is played by mostly as a text adventure with battle sequences thrown in.  The battle parts are placed on a grid that you are allowed to walk around on.  However you can't walk anywhere since this is actually set as a turn based type battle (even though you can attack when ever you want).  Once you have killed all the little pre-rendered bad guys it's time to sit back to watch some cheese (^v^)  Basically this is all the game does, well apart from allowing you to choose characters, power ups and so on.

Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure but still worth a look.