Title -  Super Euro Soccer 2000   (スーパー ユーロ サッカー 2000)


Maker - Rage Software plc   Catalogue No. - T-15006M


Type - Arcade Football Action



This has got to be the worst football game on the Dreamcast but that's not too surprising when you look at who made it.  There's nothing right about this game.  For a start the computer AI for your team is dumb.  Half the time they stand around doing nothing !  Then there's the switching players.  Even when you switch a player there's a slight delay before you can actually control him which can be very annoying to say the least.  Then you have the piss poor audio.  For a start the ambient effects such as crowd noise is far too low.  Sound effects for menus are too loud and the commentary while at the right volume is best switched off.  Basically the commentator shouts out a phrase every other minute.  Not what I'd call commentary.

Over all this is shite !  Don't bother with it.