Title -  Shin Honkaku Hanafuda   (真本格花札)


Maker - Altron   Catalogue No. - T-16601M


Type - Hanafuda Simulation



You would have expected this to appear on the Game Cube when you consider Nintendo started out life as a Hanafuda card maker.  For those who don't know hanafuda is the ancient card game that was introduced to Japan in the 16th century.  Back then the game wasn't the same as the version we all know now.  This version didn't really appear until the 19th century.  There aren't really any concrete rules to hanafuda due to the many styles of play however normally there are 12 suits that represent the months of the year.  Each suit contains 4 or 5 cards two of which are normal cards while the other two are specials.  Play begins with each player being dealt 7 cards, and the table receiving 6 cards face-up (for a three-player game -- for two players, each gets ten cards and the table gets eight, and for four you deal five to each player and eight to the table). On a player's turn, they may match any one card on the table with one in their hands, and take both cards into their point pile. Card matching is by suit, and any of the four can match each. The exception is November's Wild, which will match any card in the deck in some games (When this is used, there will be two un-matching cards that will now be paired.)

This Dreamcast incarnation of hanafuda has many types of play with some pretty nice looking visuals.  Oh and don't forget to listen to t he funky title screen music !  Starts off al traditional Japanesey changing in to a very nice modern beat version.