Title -  Sakura Taisen 2 Memorial Pack   (サクラ大戦 2 メモリアルパック)


Maker - Sega / Overworks    Catalogue No. - HDR-0193


Type - Dramatic Adventure



Sakura Taisen 2 first originally appeared on the Sega Saturn.  this Dreamcast version as far as I can tell is identical apart from having cleaner FMV.  I'm sure there are one or two other little changes but since I haven't really played either version a great deal I can't really comment.

The special gift with this memorial set is a wonderful DVD that features an interview with the creator of Sakura Taisen plus another interview with the voice actress that plays the main character from the series.  Other goodies on the DVD include all the promotion advertisements for Sakura Taisen 1 2 and 3 plus all the openings from each disc of each game in glorious DVD quality.  Oh and let's not forget the promotion clip for the Sakura Taisen movie.  The picture of Soletta Orihime that you can see to the left of the DVD is changeable with any of the cards that came with the other Sakura Taisen Memorial sets.

Above you can see the actual game case that comes inside the beautiful card box that is pictured below.