Title -  Sunrise Eiyuutan   (サンライズ英雄譚)


Maker - Sunrise Interactive   Catalogue No. - T-41101M


Type - Simulation RPG



Have you ever wanted to battle all of your favorite Sunrise characters against one another?  Well now here's your chance in Sunrise Eiyuutan which basically means Sunrise's Epic.  Featuring 56 different robots in total, some of which are hidden secrets.  The game is played in that ever popular fashion that the Japanese like, turn based battles played out on a grid formation.  Personally I just can't get excited with these types of battles anymore but don't let my comment put you off.  The game does play a very solid simulation RPG game as recommended by my friend who's really in to this type of game.  Graphically it's very pretty with some excellent CG scenes as well as music taken straight from the original shows.  The story line will please any fan of the Sunrise series since its actually like playing an episode of your favorite anime.  Each section of the game is set up as a chapter or episode of the game giving it even more of an anime feel.

I recommend this to anyone that enjoys simulation RPGs as well as big robots (^v^)  Be warned though, you will need some sort of Japanese knowledge to play this one or use the English guide over at