Title -  Sakura Taisen 4 Limited Box Set   (サクラ大戦4 Limited Box Set)


Maker - Sega / Overworks    Catalogue No. - HDR-0202


Type - Dramatic Adventure



The last Sakura Taisen game to grace a Sega System which is really sad considering that it was always been a Sega franchise from the RED Company. Oh well. 

Sakura Taisen 4 is the best and most impressive looking Sakura Taisen game available on a Sega console and simply the best sakura Taisen game in the series.  It's just a shame that these game never got translated in to English even though I believe work was started on this one.  If you fancy a challenge and don't mind listening to Japanese and shifting though pages of Japanese text then Sakura Taisen 4 is defiantly a recommended title.  To be honest you'll probably be able to figure out the battle scenes with out many problems so at least those parts will be understandable.

Inside this special limited edition you'll fine engraved metal plates that you can attach to your keys or to the mobile phone strap which is also included.  Each metal plate by the way is signed on the back.

And let's not forget the actual game packing that comes with a free Sakura Taisen 3 Drama download disc.