Title -  Sakura Taisen - Memorial Pack   (サクラ大戦 Memorial Pack)


Maker - Sega   Catalogue No. - HDR-0192


Type - Dramatic Adventure



Originally the first Sakura Taisen or Sakura Wars in English was released on the Sega Saturn.  This Dreamcast versions is identical to the Saturn version apart from now all the anime cut scenes are in crystal clear MPEG rather than the nasty Cinipack versions that the Saturn used.  Also the Dreamcast version runs at a much higher resolution making everything look that much cleaner.

The game for those who don't know is best described as an Adventure game but not like the adventure games that western games know but more along the lines of the Japanese dating sim style.  Unfortunately if you can't understand Japanese then you'll have no chance to play this game for what it is.  The story line is enjoyable enough to always make you want to play that little bit longer.  Graphically this first game is ok but nothing amazing.  Once we get to part 3 that's when the graphics pick up since that was made for the Dreamcast and not a conversion of the Saturn game.

This memorial Pack version comes with this beautiful magnetic calendar book.

The art images shown on the top picture can be changed by simply sliding in a new card.  Below you can see the front and reverse sides of all the cards that came with the calendar.