Title -  Sydney 2000   (シドニー2000)


Maker - ATD   Catalogue No. - T-1237M


Type - Sports



Why on earth Capcom decided to bring this game to Japan is beyond me.  Capcom have more credibility than this.  The Japanese Dreamcast fans have Sega's Virtual Athlete and Konami's Ganbare Nippon.  So there is no reason for them to buy this game or maybe there is.  You see, just like all the idiots who buy FIFA Soccer EVERY YEAR because it's got new OFFICIAL names in it even though the game is complete crap like the many games before it.  You'll have those buying this Olympic game just because it's got the official Olympic license.  Maybe that 's why Capcom released it in Japan.  Looks like it sort of shot them in the foot though.  You see, the Japanese never bought this one over the Konami and Sega games.  I guess they aren't as stupid as those western FIFA Soccer fans.