Title -  Sangokushi VI  (三国志VI)


Maker - Koei   Catalogue No. - T-7603M


Type - Historic War Sim



Better known as Romance 3 Kingdoms in English.  Sangokushi VI is yet another in the long running series from the days of the Super Famicom or possibly even earlier.  As far as I'm aware none of these games have ever been translated in to English due to the contents of the games.  I mean ancient Chinese history isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea now, is it?  I've tried to play this game but it just doesn't do anything for me, unfortunately.  The Japanese seem to love it though since this has got to be the most expensive Dreamcast game ever released that wasn't a special box set or something.  The original price was 9,800 yen before tax !!  This is quite a lot since the average price of a Dreamcast game is 5,800 yen before tax.  Lucky for me that I picked this used copy but in mint condition with all papers and map for 900 yen (^v^)