Title -  Historical Mystery Adventure TROIA 1186 B.C.   (世界ふしぎ発見!トロイア)


Maker - TBS    Catalogue No. - T-39701M


Type - Educational Adventure



This game is based of the Tokyo Broadcasting System TV show of the same name.  The aim of the game is to search the areas looking for clues that will allow you to answer questions later on in the game.

Historical Mystery Adventure TROIA 1186 B.C. looks just like a PC game running on a Dreamcast.  Like PC games the frame rate is very nice at 60fps then suddenly drops when more action comes on to screen.  The resolutions is very nice but wasted on such crappy textures.  The game it's self is ok if you can understand Japanese and by ok I mean just about ok if you want some education on Troy.  If you can't understand Japanese you'll find this a complete drag.